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Standard chimney caps or covers are stainless steel and can be special ordered copper or black. Chimney caps offer protection from rain, debris, and animals. When water mixes with soot, it forms sulfuric acid and causes the liner in the chimney to deteriorate rapidly, leading to potential safety problems and costly repairs. Animals and debris can block the flue, causing smoke or carbon monoxide to back up into the home.

Chimney Caps

These dampers seal off the chimney from the top completely, allowing the homeowner to open and close the damper with ease, acting like a cap, but with little to no heating/cooling loss. They are a great energy saving alternative to original fireplace dampers or in older homes with no dampers.

Energy Saving Dampers

Clean out doors are used as an access point to the chimney to clean out soot from the bottom of the chimney or hard to reach points - they are also used when wood stoves are installed improperly.

Clean Out Doors

Chimneys are recommended to be cleaned or inspected yearly. This is to reduce risk of chimney fires, poisonous gases entering the home, or to prevent flue deterioration. Inspections can also catch small problems before they end up being a costly expense down the road.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney liners are installed mainly when the old flue is deteriorated, unsafe, or unlined (older homes). Chimney liners are stainless steel tubes that connect to the appliance you are using to insure that fire or carbon monoxide will not enter the home - they will also most likely to help the efficiency of the appliance.

Chimney Liners

Probably the most overlooked is the dryer vent. With over 10,000 dryer vent fires a year, not too many people know they are recommended to be cleaned yearly.

Dryer Vents

The crown is the layer of cement on top of the chimney - it protects the top layer of bricks on a multi flue chimney, and it protects the hollow spots. Letting a small crack go with the crown can cause loose bricks and cracking or shifting of the flue tiles (liner).


The flue or flues is the liner or the "tube" that holds all of the gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and on occasion, fire. This is mainly constructed of flue tiles which are 2' long clay tubes stacked on top of each other to compose a full flue or liner.


Understanding how your chimney's components work together to properly smoke and gases out of your home is crucial to making sure your chimney continues operating safely. At Safe Side Chimney Service, Inc. of Uxbridge, it's our goal to inform you throughout the chimney repair process as best as possible. Read about the components of chimneys below to

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